6. Car! Truck!

May 25, 2017: Car!  Truck!  This was my cry today.  Last night, after the birthday party the pilgrims gave for Peter, everyone was discussing the question of the day….  The guidebook was telling us that there were 2 options for paths to Campagnano di Roma  One was beautiful, but 4 km longer, and the other … More 6. Car! Truck!

2. Cherry Pits

May 21, 2017: The thing about traveling is you never eat enough fruits and vegetables.  So, we bought a big bag of fruit for our walk today…..the first day of our walking pilgrimage to Rome.  We were nervous.  How would the path be?  Would Peter as a deaf-blind man be able to walk it?  Would … More 2. Cherry Pits

1. God Is With You

May 20, 2017: Well here we are.  Ready to start this journey.  We had a “practice run” a few days ago walking the mountains of Assisi, where St. Francis walked.  An arduous journey….  It was so rocky and steep and narrow.  Very difficult.  But yet we made it.  8 miles straight up it seemed.  The … More 1. God Is With You

1. Beginnings

Buen Camino!  The traditional greeting on the camino.  A good path for you and good path for me could have such different meanings. In one days time we have met a man from the Netherlands, a man from Paris, and a woman from South Africa.  We have learned so much already…. Never wash your socks and … More 1. Beginnings